Chocolate Gifts swirl


Are you looking for a unique chocolate gift for someone you love? Look no
further, we have a whole range of delicious chocolate novelties to choose from.

Made from real Belgian chocolate, these great gifts are all a generous x 10cm x 1.5cm in size, have a minimum weight of 200g,
are hand decorated with a special edible motif and some
designs also include extra themed novelty shapes.

Each novelty gift is £11.75*, plus p&p, and is available via Amazon
for your online protection. Please click the link to Amazon below
the chocolate you wish to buy.

*The Make a Tape gift is packaged with an edible ink pen and is £13.75

For trade customers looking to stock our chocolate, please contact
us via our details on the Trade Contact page.
(Click images to enlarge.)

Computer Geek

Geeky and proud. The person receiving this unique gift will love every byte.

Chocolate Gift Box - Computer Geek buy on amazon button


Any avid gamer would gobble up this chocolate novelty item.

Chocolate Gift Box - Pacman buy on amazon button


You don't have to be the sharpest tool in the box to know DIY'ers would love this gift.

Chocolate Gift Box - DIY buy on amazon button

Phone Addict

It's for you! The reception this smart phone receives is always excellent.

Chocolate Gift Box - Phone Addict buy on amazon button

Make A Tape

Rewind back to those days of tape. Packaged with an edible ink pen to write on the 'label'.

Chocolate Gift Box - Make A Tape buy on amazon button

Retro Camera

So delicious, this great looking chocolate novelty could be gone in a flash.

Chocolate Gift Box - Retro Camera buy on amazon button

Garden Enthusiast

Green fingers will turn chocolate when a lucky gardener digs into this great gift.

Chocolate Gift Box - Garden Ethusiast buy on amazon button

Music Lover

This chocolate is bound to hit the right note with any music lover.

Chocolate Gift Box - Music Lover buy on amazon button

Keep Calm

No need to ration this chocolate, everyone will do their patriotic duty and enjoy this novelty.

Chocolate Gift Box - Keep Calm buy on amazon button

Yummy Money

Looking to repay a favour? Now you can really put your money where your mouth is.

Chocolate Gift Box - Yummy Money buy on amazon button

Shoe Lover

Nobody would feel down at heel given this eye-catching chocolate.

Chocolate Gift Box - Shoe Lover buy on amazon button

Thank You Text

No need for predictive text here, this is one message all of us would like to receive.

Chocolate Gift Box - Thank You Text buy on amazon button

Sorry You're Leaving

A tasty way to say goodbye to any colleague. And much cheaper than a gold watch.

Chocolate Gift Box - Sorry You're Leaving buy on amazon button

Classic Car

This sporty looking chocolate novelty is definitely top gear.

Chocolate Gift Box - Classic Car buy on amazon button

Horsing Around

Equestrian fans certainly wont say nay to this novelty chocolate.

Chocolate Gift Box - Horsing Around buy on amazon button

Golf Fan

Nothing below par about this chocolate novelty, even if that is a good thing in golf.

Chocolate Gift Box - Golf Fan buy on amazon button

Tennis Fan

It will be advantage to any tennis fan given this ace chocolate gift.

Chocolate Gift Box - Tennis Fan buy on amazon button

Cricket Fan

Stumped for a gift to bowl a cricket lover over? Not with this chocolate. Howzat!

Chocolate Gift Box - Cricket Fan buy on amazon button

Rugby Fan

Rugby fans all across the 6 Nations would love giving this chocolate gift a try.

Chocolate Gift Box - Rugby Fan buy on amazon button

Football Goal

All footie fans will be united over this treat.
And what a chance to say Eat My Goal!

Chocolate Gift Box - Football Goal buy on amazon button

Fishing Enthusiast

Fishing fans would fall hook, line and sinker for this great chocolate gift.

Chocolate Gift Box - Fishing Enthusiast buy on amazon button

Formula Racing

Get this gift for motor racing fans while you can, they're going fast.

Chocolate Gift Box - Formula Racing buy on amazon button

Racing Motorbike

Motorbike fans would do a wheelie for this delicious novelty.

Chocolate Gift Box - Racing Motorbike buy on amazon button

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